PIXEL PERFECT is a series I’m working on that’s going to include a ton of quality pixel art assets for use in any project. My goal for this series is to get my name out there (longshot I know) but also improve my art skills and familiarity with posting here on Itch.

ULTIMATE CROSSHAIR KIT is a FREE pack of 200 pixel art crosshairs, some random, some basic, and some you might recognize, inspired by games like HALO, DOOM, and some retro titles. Every single reticle or crosshair can be found in both black, and white, plus they are all included in a sprite sheet, and in individual PNG images, all ordered neatly in their own folders and by set!

Please let me know what you think! And if you end up using them I’d love to see what you do! Thank you – Rad Potato

( I posted this the before, but have since “re-branded” the whole project and doubled the amount of crosshairs included)


Source: itch.io

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