PIXEL PERFECT is a series I’m working on that’s going to include a ton of quality pixel art assets for use in any project. My goal for this series is to get my name out there (longshot I know) but also improve my art skills and familiarity with posting here on Itch.

PROTOTYPING KIT is a HUGE pack of over 60 sprites to help you test out your new ideas! I made sure that its got everything you could need to kit bash any project! Perfect for Jams! It includes a ready to animate cutout character, with a reference, atlas, and all parts separated. Along with that a folder with 9 Pixel Precise and Marked shapes are included to help for those pixel perfect edits!

Please let me know what you think! And if you end up using them I’d love to see what you do! Thank you – Rad Potato


Source: itch.io

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