Hello everyone! 🙂

As you may see, we are close to finishing our new game HopeLess, this is probably our last article before we bring the game to you, so here’s a sneak peek of the game.


In our last article you saw some images of the cemetery but this time we will bring to you a full video, so you can relate more and see how awesome it is ^^. The cemetery was probably the most satisfying part to do, it’s so dreaming, and the way it turned out so dreaming, we really liked it and we hope (ahah) that you will like it too!



This is Emil and Hope before she passed away, they were really happy (and cute) together, this illustration is going to be in the game, it’s your job to find it!



Me (Inês) and Ricardo thought it would be funny to have a statue related to the game, a statue for the fans, with little cards inside and all, it’s really cute, again it was for fun so you can’t actually buy it, but how awesome would it be? 😀


So, our game is going to have some collectibles around the map, once you collect them it will appear something… related to Hope! Good luck!

Source: Indie DB

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