Defend against zombie attacks.

To survive, you need to defend the wall from hordes of zombies, the strength of which depends on the wave.

In order to survive, you must:

  • upgrade your squad;

  • upgrade your wall;

  • upgrade your character;

  • keep an eye on the ammunition.

For improvements, you need money, which can be obtained by killing zombies. The amount of money received for zombies depends on the wave.

You also need to monitor the ammunition. It is necessary to replenish cartridges in a timely manner so that there is something to shoot. If you don’t keep an eye on the bullets, you will lose.

There are 4 classes of soldiers:

  • rookie;

  • sergeant;

  • captain;

  • general.

soldier classes differ in their ammo, reload speed, damage and cost.

The game


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