Hello from far-far Siberia, fellas! Let me introduce:

Hard Minus Classic Redux – Brutal, savage, acid 2D action, where skill of shooting and movement need to be win.

Dynamic 2D shooter, which lets you take control of a lost soul, whose job is to solve problems in parallel realities. While using brute force, of course! During this mission, our nameless hero finds himself in the XIX century, when industrial and technological progress has just happened. Anomaly’s epicenter is located in snowy taiga forest. So… that’s where the journey begins.

  • Smooth control.
    – Dynamic fights with slow motion, roll-up, and rocketjumps.
    – Various bestiary.
    – Wide choose of guns.
    – Competitive element stopwatch.

Also demo version is available on itch click, full version you can buy on Steam here.

I will be very appreciative for feedback, negative or positive.

Source: itch.io