I’ve just released the Windows/Mac/Linux version of my game, IncrediMarble, to itch.io!

IncrediMarble is a fairly straight-forward, physics-based idle/incremental game. You build plastic slides, earn money rolling marbles through them, then spend the money upgrading and building more slides! Creativity can lead to better earnings but it’s really just nice to sit back and be mesmerized by the marbles rolling around. The game is technically still in Early Access, as I have been fixing bugs and adding features while trying to ensure all three desktop platforms are running smoothly. The game also has Twitch integration, allowing your stream audience to place their names on marbles set up for racing.

I missed most of the Summer Sale (I don’t think I’m even listed in the search correctly yet) so I decided to launch with a discount that will last until July 8th. You can find the game here: https://davekap.itch.io/incredimarble

There is also a sandbox DLC which allows you to play a version of the game without any earnings or upgrades, allowing you to treat the game purely as a toy, or construction kit, while also making it easier to build wacky stuff for marble racing on livestreams. You can find that here: https://davekap.itch.io/incredimarble-sandbox-mode

I’m still trying to build up better marketing for the game, meaning this is a slightly outdated video showing the game off. The only major difference is there are now more slides and a slightly better UI.

There’s also an old prototype of the game here, if that interests you: https://davekap.itch.io/incredimarble-demo

Let me know what you think and thanks for checking it out!

Source: itch.io

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