Felix & Paul Studios and PHI Studio don’t just leave you hanging outside, though. When asked how they keep people from feeling unnerved by the vastness of space, they said they added a floor.“We feel grounded when there’s actual ground beneath us, so we made sure to build that into Unreal,” says Raphaël. “The same grid is inside the ISS, but it’s much bigger outside to bring people comfort. It’s very stylized and still lets us show the stars below, so you have a good balance between a necessary device and all the realistic sights that actually make you feel like you’re out there.”

Immersive reality…at home?

With the The INFINITE launch looming, it’s all hands on deck. The first stop will be in Montreal, and barring COVID-19 restrictions it will then continue to another major North American city every few months for five years. Target cities currently include Houston, New York, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles.

In keeping with their mission, Felix & Paul Studios are also designing The INFINITE App to connect as many people as they can to the ISS content they are producing. At first, this will act as a companion piece to the series and exhibit, but over time it may very well grow into a portal that enables you to take in an INFINITE-like experience from home. 

“There’s so much to do when it comes to this project, but that’s how we like it. It’s always been our dream,” says Raphaël. “Every time you see the footage come in, it makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself and we’ve always wanted to share some of that world. And the astronauts do too. They tell us this is the first time they’ve been able to show their friends and family what their lives are really like. That’s exciting to them, and to be honest it’s the real reason why we can keep this whole thing alive. They are our biggest supporters.”

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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