I’ve finally decided to go “desktop”. Previously releasing my games on their “native” web version, I’ve found new inspiration in revamping them into desktop applications. So after tweaking this game a little bit, taking the time to adjust and test some subtleties in the gameplay, I’ve invested some time into building it for specific desktop platforms (currently macOS and Windows are supported). And I’m surprised about how smooth it actually was to turn a web game into a desktop app.


For those who missed the original game, Cityscape is inspired by Freeway and Frogger. The game has 50 levels, with a proper ending after the last level. Collecting corn can grant extra lives. And for the hardcore players, there’s the possibility to discover a cheat code that boosts the player’s changes a little bit.

Albeit quite simple, the gameplay can quickly become addictive. It takes some time to master, but by applying some strategy thinking it is possible to become quite good at the game, so it’s not a “chance” game, there’s actually some skills to be developed here.

Source: itch.io

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