Traction – Downhill Rally

(PC Only for now)


Drift your way down the mountain in style as you race against the clock, or take your time… enjoy the views in a beautifully hand crafted world. 

Traction – Downhill rally is an arcade like racing game with a focus on flow and feel as you race, jump, drift and slide your way to the finish line. This game will have you on your toes ready for what’s around the next corner as you make quick decisions and act fast to keep your times up and your car in tact. 

Enjoy the wonders of four beautifully hand crafted maps as you race and explore. Compete against the clock and land yourself a high score on the global leaderboard or cruise the map and find hidden secrets and shortcuts as you descend the unforgiving mountainous terrain.

This game is still under development. Those who get in early through itch will be able to obtain the game for FREE until the end of February 2021 and become a part of the journey as we wrap up the final steps of development. There are plenty of updates and free DLC planned after initial release to bring new features and content to this game. A steam update is planned for May 2021 where any users who have purchased the game from itch will receive a free steam key.

Feel free to give the game a try, its free for the whole of February 2021 to add to your library!

Traction – Downhill Rally by F3four (


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