Global Game Jam 2021 submission: GAMESTONKS!

Hey everyone!!

My classmates and I are very excited to share our game GameStonks with you! It is a zany action-based two-player stock trading game, where players compete to win the most money from buying and selling GameStonk Stonks! If the odds are against you, punching the other player is always an option to make them drop all their money!

GameStonks Screenshot

To play, withdraw money from the ATM, and use it to purchase stonks at the “Buy” station! When prices go up, use the “Sell” station to cash in your profits! Watch out for your opponent, who can punch your money out of your hand! Get the most money at the end of 3 rounds to win!

Enjoy šŸ˜€

Built with Unreal Engine 4


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