EO: Newer things is the fourth segment of EO, a series exploring a strange set of universes. If you missed the first three: here are some links and information about them.

The universe has been suddenly destroyed. Somehow, you managed to survive.

You are Tahlo, a Crustacean who must now figure out what happened, and how to move on.

A strange being joins you. He calls himself EO. Is he on your side? What are his origins?

Explore the fresh wreckage of your home in the first segment, “EO: A Strange Being”.


The second segment will explore these mysteries even deeper, and shed light on Tahlo’s future.

Maybe there’s some kind of solution to all of this?

This is the second segment, “EO: Broken Glass”.


The third segment, “EO: The Sun”, sees Tahlo learn some terrible truths about the past and the future.

Is this the way out of this chaos?


in the fourth segment, “EO: Newer Things”, Tahlo enters the new universe, and meets a person she has never met before, but knows very well.

More segments will be coming soon, but please tell me what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for playing.

Source: itch.io