UNNNHHHBOUND – where Earthbound and the universe of two hilarious drag queens collide

UNHHHBOUND: Thanks For Nothing is a GameBoy demo I made with GBStudio. You play as Trixie Mattel in the sleepy but strange town of Unhnet. Trixie’s been having weird dreams and goes to see her best friend/co-worker, Katya, who has her own predicament. I made a short gameplay trailer which can be watched here.

The demo features a detailed town with three districts (Beach, Mountain/Forest, Town) and a slew of curious NPCs inspired by looks and odd voice characters from Trixie and Katya’s YouTube show, UNHhhh. There are also three distinct fetch quests in the demo through which two of the three unlock areas that are inaccessible at the beginning of the game. The main goal, however, is to collect five items across the game world as a sort of twisted treasure hunt.

Thanks for checking it out!


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