Killer Chambers is now on! An unforgiving platformer in pixelart!

Killer Chambers is a very hardclaustrophobicsadistic but above all fair platformer that we released on and some of the major stores!

The player must survive in tiny rooms filled with traps for one turn of the hourglass. Every pattern is finely tuned to be difficult but not impossible. It’s a game about quick reflexes but also good memory!

Some of the features are:

  • Fast-paced and tough action-platformer with puzzle and “bullet-hell” elements.
  • Over 40 rooms, each one with 3 levels of difficulty.
  • 5 floors with unique traps and bosses.
  • More than 500 finely tuned trap patterns.
  • A funny story told by dialogues in a visual novel style. Many items to help Brave Lord in his adventure.
  • 12 hats that grant you special powers, as long as they don’t fall from your head!


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