SHUT IN is now available to download, and is launching with a special discount as part of the Itch.io Halloween Sale!

SHUT IN is a short dark comedy/psychological horror adventure game which explores depression and isolation by trapping you inside your own house.

Your task is simple: Get out of bed, go outside, and get some Fresh Air. Think you can handle that?

Oh, but it might not be quite that simple. Your house isn’t looking quite like it used to. You don’t recognise any of these photos, everything’s gotten dirty and disgusting, cracks seem to be opening up everywhere, and you’re SURE everything didn’t used to be so… constantly trying to kill you.
Maybe it’s not worth it. Maybe go back to bed. Try again tomorrow. 

 If you do decide to keep going, you’ll have to face strange puzzles, bizarre and uncomfortable obstacles, and a narrator who is unreliable at best, and downright insulting at worst. You’ll have to get through your day under a constant barrage of judgment, sarcasm, and melancholy. If you can cope with that. Idiot. 

SHUT IN is about tension and discomfort in a familiar environment. Your greatest tools are also your worst enemies. Common sense will keep you alive, but it might not get you very far. Curiosity can have great rewards, but will probably just get you killed.
But don’t worry. When you (inevitably) die – because you fell down the stairs, were too stupid to operate an oven properly, got ripped apart by untold invisible horror, something like that – you can always just give up. Try again tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next day.

Here’s what people have been saying about the game:

“I’ve never felt more unintentionally seen by a video game before. If you’re looking for a commentary on the effects of the pandemic on an already fragile psyche, SHUT IN just might be up your alley.”


 “SHUT IN is making a point, and it’s doing so very effectively… Dark, funny, quick and entertaining. Easy to recommend!”

Ninja Refinery

“As someone who has had depression for 20+ years, I can safely say I have NEVER felt so represented and validated by a game. This is a masterpiece that will pave the way for conversation and education.”



Source: itch.io

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