I know, the first version has lots of bugs and is really not perfect, but if you would give the game one more chance, i promise that this time WILL be different. If you can’t really play a game right now because you have lots of work to do, that’s ok, i totally understand that, but if you have a free time and don’t know what to do, why not check out the game?

Update features :

  • 2 new classes
  • A new map
  • 4 different bosses
  • Option to always render ragdolls
  • Updated tutorial map

Bug fixes :

  • Fixed jumping
  • Fixed enemies that spawn too much
  • Mouse pointer will now be invisible
  • Rifle and laser launcher(new class) will now shoot properly
  • Fixed vent jumping

I thank you for your attention, have a great day

Oh, and huge thanks to @vladyslu for making a review video about it, you rock!

his youtube channel

Source: itch.io