Low on fuel, critical systems off-line, no Flight Computer, your survival depends on your piloting skills to manually take your ship using space physics to get you home.
Realistic gravitational physics engine based on newton laws, enjoy a calm and relaxing space simulation game solving each level flying from one orbit to another to reach your target.
Be careful and patient, a small mistake in route calculation, or fire your engines too much time or too soon can be the recipe for disaster, becoming stranded forever in deep space!

Try it! https://attentus.itch.io/strandedorbit

Pre-Alpha Group Test open!

If you want to be part of testing and direct contribute to Stranded Orbit development let me know!
You just need to play the game after receiving a free key and give me your feedback.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoaoLearn
GameSite: https://attentus.itch.io/strandedorbit
Youtube Channel: Attentus GameDev

Source: itch.io