By: Juan Linietsky Jul 22, 2020

What has been an idea (and something many community members suggested for a long time) is now a reality. We will be hosting a Live Q&A session with Godot core contributors the last week of each month.

Live Q&A

The idea is to stream a Jitsi a call between core contributors to our Youtube channel. A moderator will pick questions from the chat and we will try to answer them as best as possible. There will be some quirks to this format though:

  • Every month, besides core contributors who are hired by the project, we will also rotate other guest contributors to answer questions about the areas they contribute to.
  • Patrons over the $26 tier will be able to submit questions in advance (depending on the volume we may change this to lower tiers, or change the benefits, we’ll see over time), which will be preselected and answered at the beginning of the Live Q&A session.

Save the date!

The next live Q&A will take place on Thursday 30 of July at 18hs (6pm) UTC on our Youtube channel.

Source: Godot Engine Official