It is time for the first annual Convention of Creative Crime Creators and Connoisseurs, held at the Seaside Reading Library on the small boardwalk of Brindlewood Bay. The Mavens are, of course, attending. Rumor has it Robin Masterson will be present, bringing advance copies of the newest entry to the “The Gold Crown Mysteries” series.

After some mingling during the masquerade party and the announcement of the winner of the short story contest, a scream sounds from outside. One of the authors attending the convention has been murdered. The victim has been getting more and more paranoid before their death. Rumor has it they kept seeing a shape behind the windows of their home, watching.

Since the police is clueless it is up to the Mavens to investigate and find out what happened. Who is the mysterious person watching everyone? Was it a rival? And what else is going on in the quaint town of Brindlewood Bay? Play to find out!

You get a 3 page PDF containing everything a Brindlewood Bay mystery needs and more. There are additional prompts for names, masks, victims and causes of death as well as a “casting” list of what the author imagines the characters to look like.

This is a mystery for Brindlewood Bay, a game by Jason Cordova. The mystery was written by Max Kämmerer and is an entry to the Fucked Up Guy Jam. You can find Max’ other games on

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