Fuse Bead Simulator – A small “Simulation” game-tool, designed to recreate the feeling of playing with fuse beads – otherwise known as hama or perler beads. While technically a tool, Fuse Bead Simulator feels a lot like a game. Laid out like Photoshop, it lets you draw, color, place, and create bead art – or other expanded art forms such as crochet work or pixel art. It can screenshot works – that are sharable, and also convert images directly into icons. Environment friendly, Fuse Bead Simulator lets an artist either plan out their designs and know what they need to purchase – or lets novices get into the hobby of bead art, and see if it’s right for them before purchasing buckets of beads.

As a developer, this is also my first Unity Windows release. I’ve published a few things before, but this is my first true Windows desktop application.

Source: itch.io