Hi, I’m an indie game developer, after 1 month of development I’ve finally published my new game, someone can try it and give me some feedbacks and tips for improve it? I would be really grateful, thank you very much.

Iron Fight is a fighting game, there are 2 players and your task is hit the opponent until his points are 0, every player has 100,000 points!!! Good luck!!!


Player 1

A: Go back, D: Go forward, W: Punch, S: Kick, Space: Kick in jump.

Player 2

Left arrow: Go back, Right arrow: Go forward, Up arrow: Punch, Down arrow: Kick, Enter: Kick in jump


Punch: -10

Kick: -20

Kick in jump: -50

Link for download the game: https://unitechgamesentertainment.itch.io/iron-fight

My page: https://unitechgamesentertainment.itch.io/

Source: itch.io