Hey Itch Peeps!

Thank you for the support with the downloads on the Voxel RPG Items

I was going to save this for next week but due to the downloads on the first set I thought I would upload it early!

Voxel Rangers Camp, with animated characters, weapons and scenery, available here: http://poxelgames.itch.io/voxel-rangers-camp

Free download, with a unity project that includes:

-3 Characters

-Axe, Sword, Spear, Bow, Arrow and Shield

-Idle, Walk, Jump, Sit, Punch, Melee, Aim, Ranged Attack, Guard, Pick Up, Eat, Drink, Wounded and Death Animations

-Tents, Walls, Towers, Trees, Bushes, Flowers, Banners, Chairs, Camp fires, Tables, etc

Enough to get started programming your first 3D Voxel Game.

Hope you Enjoy!

Thanks Again!

Source: itch.io