UE4 Modular Character Component Tutorial and Project Files

A Unreal Engine 4 project that integrates with Epic’s July 2020 permanently free Modular Character by ROCKETARTS.

A great starting point for learning modular character systems in UE4, or just for a turnkey asset that can be used for gamejams, it also comes with 3.5 hours worth of youtube tutorials that go through every step of creating the Modular Character Component from scratch.

The Modular Mesh Component:

  • is 100% BP, so can be migrated to another project.

  • Stores the current mesh data for each modular part of the character. 

  • Provides Helper functions for randomization.

  • Uses weighting to reduce/remove unwanted variations

-Stores all the variations (meshes, materials) in an ordered fashion

  • Can be added to other actors, such as item pickups.

  • Compartmentalized design means it should be easier to integrate into projects

The project files can be downloaded from the itch page:


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