Sorry Sir, I’m out of controls – Robot-driven puzzle of GMTK Jam

Hello Sir, this is Arthur, and you must be my creator!”
“So have have build me to complete various tasks, but only added three control inputs?! How should I be able to perform well under those dreadful circumstances?”
“…Not a problem at all? Well if you say so. In the end you have to navigate me towards the next lift platform.”
“So I will fully have to trust you, won’t I? Why are we still talking, it’s already past tea time! Let us go.”

In this puzzle game you can choose 3 control-inputs for each level and navigate Arthur to the next level. On your way you will face various obstacles, like crates you can jump on or platforms, where your controls will be switched clockwise. Can you solve each riddle?

This game was created during the 48 h GMTK Jam.
We hope you folks enjoy this puzzle experience and give us some feedback!


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