You’ve committed a most heinous deed!! The Council of Gulls sentences you to banishment down the dreaded WELL OF MUFFLED SOBBING! Explore a nightmarish little world, talk to birds, have an existential crisis and come face to face with your maker! All for the low low price of £0.00; a deal that is either too tempting too miss or questionably desperate for those sweet sweet clicks and plays.

Created in a coffee fuelled introspective daze using the programming wizardry of the Bitsy 3D Editor!

Play ‘The Council of Gulls’ now:

Gull translation:

Caw CAAAAAAaaaawwww! Caw? Caw CAWWW!!!

Note from the developer:

This was an incredibly enjoyable passion project to work on, I hope you enjoy this bizarre little bird filled world; I’d love to know your thoughts on the experience and I hope to make many more surreal little games like this in the future 🙂