stopDrop. – A minimalistic 2D isometric survival-puzzle game now available!

Hey everyone, fun story.

TL;DR – Released a game that I had a dream about 2 weeks ago and it’s available for $1 here ->

You know how sometimes you have a dream that fixes a bug in your game?

I had a dream about a full game that I prototyped, coded, polished, and released in two weeks time. It felt surreal, it felt interesting, but most of all, it felt attainable!

So two weeks ago, I started a new Unity project. A 2D isometric puzzle game! I’ve never made a puzzle game before and its turns out that it’s not an easy task.

The kicker for this game was that I had already done everything once, all the art felt like I was remaking it. All of the code felt like it was being typed again, as if I already went through the motions for this game. It was literally straight deja vu for the last 14 days.

This past Friday, we launched the game! “stopDrop.” is a 30-level 2D isometric minimalistic survival-puzzle game where you have to reach the exit and outlive all of your opponents. Every move you make requires 1 health and also makes everyone else move (and takes 1 health from them too).

It’s available on for PC/Linux with a super high price of $1 here -> 

We actually just released a release day hotfix patch as well, addressing some key concerns in the game. We’re also planning on adding free DLC worlds to the game too!

Thanks for reading guys!


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