If you’re interested in an alternative to D&D that uses the same dice, come on over to DEMISE X DECAY! It’s partially based on things the devs of D&D have claimed their game does, but now with 100% less bioessentialism (among other things). If you’re strapped for cash or from a marginalized community, there are FREE copies available for you! Otherwise, the game will only run you $3.00. Here’s the rundown:

In DXD you have 1 single stat, and that is Survival. Because everything you roll for can be brought back around to Survival, why bother with other stats? Its modifier is determined by rolling 3d6 and consulting a chart that ranges from -2 to +3. 

I call DXD a “combative ttrpg” and that’s because all conflict is resolved by two players rolling a d20 against each other. It’s a “roll first, describe later” kinda system that somewhat echoes D&D. 

Currency and Experience are the same number in DXD. Bones can get you what you want from The Vendor, whose wares can be accessed at any time out of combat. You acquire bones by harvesting them from dead bodies.

One player assumes the position of the Manager of Doom. The MOD steers the narrative and controls the valiant and vile characters the other players will encounter. These characters are called Managed Characters, or MC. The other players control UMC, or Un-Managed Characters.  If an Un-Managed Character dies, that player becomes the new Manager of Doom. The old MOD rolls up an Un-Managed Character and relinquishes their narrative control.

There are 3 Roles for UMC to choose from, each with 5 unique levels to attain. You can play as The Brawler (a merciless fighter), The Learned (a peerless scholar), or The Scoundrel (a devilish rascal). There is no “multiclassing.”

HP for Un-Managed Characters is kept track of, usually, by a d12. The d12 can also be used to give a special bonus to other rolls on occasion.

While being somewhat sci-fi in nature, magic also exists in DXD. While the 10 spells in DXD can be used by anyone, they are especially useful to The Learned, who eventually doesn’t have to sacrifice 1d4 health to cast one.

And that’s the basics of DEMISE X DECAY! And it’s under a CC-BY 4.0 License if you would like to hack it and make it your own. If any of this sounds interesting, you can buy it at the link below.


Source: itch.io