Kickstarter & Game Announcement – Next Earth: The Journey Trilogy

Hi Everyone,

This is my very first game that I am working on.  We will have a kickstarter campaign on the 17th July 2020 and would love your support.

Some of the details can be seen below (see the link at the bottom for more information):

Minsan announces Next Earth: The Journey Trilogy for 80’s arcade fans with kickstarter campaign.  

Game aims to meld 80’s arcade games with modern day dialogue driven puzzle action adventure games.

Next Earth: The Journey Trilogy™ is a real-time puzzle arcade adventure launching in Q3 2020 on PC (beta in August 2020).  Set in the near future, the Earth is being evacuated to escape the threat of the Octians against which humanity are defenceless. 

Control the evacuation ships, using time and space to run away from the alien threat. With the onslaught of relentless waves of Octians the player must use their strategy, reflexes and speed to win the day.

Use the new hyperdrive technology to slow down or speed up space, collect enough fuel cells to open the hyper gate to move out all of your ships to safety before you run out of time.  Action tiles such as hints and extra time, or special tiles such as teleports and conveyor belts are there to help turn the tide.

Be part of the story as we find a new home for humanity away from the threat of the Octians. 

We need YOU! Enlist now.  

  1. Kickstarter: 
  2. Itch io:
  3. Website: 
  4. Press kit (includes trailer): 

I will also be releasing a demo as part of the kickstarter as well and looking to get support to ensure we make the game as good as possible and try to bring out a mobile / Xbox One version.

Look forward to bringing the game to market and reach out on the comments anytime.


Chris Wiseman,

Founder | Minsan


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