Corridors of their memories

Corridors of their memories” is a visual novel in the genre of “thriller detective.”   Source of inspiration is the “Kara no Shoujo” series.

It’s a demo. Three endings available.


The action takes place in the near future, 2022. The FBI is beginning to use a new technology: reading the residual signals of the human neural network.

Scientists have established where the memory is stored and learned to read it. Which means FBI agents can now see everything the victim saw. Including the attackers’ faces.

John Victor is a former cop.He’s one of the first members of Special Group “V”. He’s one of the first members of Special Group V. This group works with memories.

However, many people don’t believe in these methods.  And so, when a maniac is announced in the city, the police start looking for him “classic” methods.

You can side with the police as well as the FBI. New technology or proven methods?  It’s your choice. 

But remember, a maniac is very dangerous. It’s possible that you could be his next victim…


★ A choice of two main characters.A silent introvert-thinker or a detective working in the field.A silent introvert-thinker or a detective working in the field.  Who will you choose? ★ Exciting crime story. ★ A script that adapts to your choices. ★ Many choices. The reader will need to follow the narrative and make decisions at the right time. How do you interpret the memories you’ve studied? Who should be considered a suspect?

I hope you like it.


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