Planet Hell is now on

Escape from Planet Hell

Play as one of three main characters and escape Planet Hell. Your plan? Shoot everything that moves, and defeat Satan himself. Use a selection of weapons and skills to blast through hordes of enemies, open portals, and become stronger through chance using the upgrade wheel.

Unlock New Features

The farther you get in the game, the more you unlock. Last long enough in any of the gamemodes and unlock new features and game modifiers to create an easier or harder experience… or run around as a naked god. Your choice.

Experience the Entire Game for Free

A Free Demo is available, and includes all of the game’s main content. No DLC, no advertisements, no baloney. More details on the differences between the paid and free versions on the game’s page.

Play Now

The game features…

  • A story mode with several different levels
  • An arcade-style endless mode
  • Three main characters, plus an unlockable fourth character.
  • Large amounts of particles
  • Many unlockables, which can be obtained in different ways.
  • Character customization– change their colors!

Check out the game here: — Purchase for $2 USD, or play for free.


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