Gods From The Abyss


Hi again!

I’m proud to announce that the alpha demo of “Gods from the Abyss” is available to download and try for free!

The demo lacks some things that I want to add to the game, like more attacks for the players, explosives, more enemies…

The comic panels are done by the great Rafa Mata. Don’t hesitate to take a look at his web!

For this demo, the files are compressed in a file, and there is no need to install anything. Just unzip in a folder you like, look for the executable and run it.

You can download versions for Windows, macOs and Linux, but I’m really sorry that I’m only able to test the Windows one. I’d love to know if other versions works fine in your system.

I’m also curios about the performance, I’m programming in an old but good computer, and the game runs smoothly on it. It should work fine in any relatively modern computer, but if you encounter performance issues, I’d like to hear it.

Download Windows version

Download macOs version

Download Linux version

Also I want to make the game better so I’m open to hear your suggestions and ideas for it.

I hope you like it, have fun!


Here you can find a small video of the gameplay, in case you want to take a look of the game in movement before download it.

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