Hi everyone !

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been working on a platformer game about getting back home from the Moon. Im making it using Godot, all assets were made by me (which you can tell by their quality 😹)

You play as a spaceman-dog, and you have to repair your ship to survive. There won’t be any enemies or battles, but pure loneliness and melancholy.  I really want to make a unique platformer game, which tries to be a bit realistic, yet simple, where the only thing around you is big and unwelcome area. 

You can use different tools to move across the surface, like compass or jetpack. 

What is bothering me, is that I can’t find my game on itch.io on any tab… 🥺 So I’m worried that nobody will notice it.

Demo is quite short, as I don’t wont to spoil other game elements and the map, but full release won’t be big either: I think it will take a 1.5- hours to beat.

Please, give it a chance and share your feedback!


Source: itch.io