MiKe Adventures: (Demo)nstration is out!

The 2-year long awaited multiple genre game, MiKe Adventures: Omega Star Chase, will have a Demo version including the first level from the game,  the Tratamelig Tutorial.

MiKe Adventures: (Demo)nstration is a game about a teenager called MiKe that wants to free his planet from a misterious war, so that he and his friends Mikai and Bulk can live in peace.

You control MiKe, who can jump, home into enemies, perfrom a dash move and climb ladders. You have one level to try out, try to beat it as fast as possible!

Of course, the game’s not finished. It will become more content in about a month, stay tuned for that… um…

Did I mention this game’s free for Windows and Web Browsers? No? Well, now you know!

It’s taken me a lot of time to just refine the game, but I hope you guys can play it!


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