Hi there!

I’m proud to release the alpha demo of my actual project, “Gods from the Abyss”.

It’s a 2.5D beat’em up set in an eldritch / lovecraftian world. The gameplay is inspired in classic arcade games like “TMNT”, “Golden Axe”, “FInal Fight”, etc, and is playable locally by one or two players, with keyboard or gamepads.

I’m looking for feedback, as I want to make as good as I can. I’m interested in your toughts about gameplay and performance. The demo lacks a lot of things that I want to add to the final game, but the general gameplay is basically completed.

If you want to try it, there are downloads available for Windows, macOS and Linux at the itch,io page:


And here is a little video of the gameplay in case you want to see the game in action before downloading it:

Thanks and have fun!

Source: itch.io