First, I don’t have much command of English, so I may have a few sentences wrong.
I’ll post my native Japanese below, but I hope you’ll give it a try first!

Come check it out!

“A racing game where you use a low-flying sword to blast your enemies away.”

This is a racing game where you use the low flying sword to blow away enemies.
The more enemies you defeat, the higher your speed and attack power will be, so try to destroy as many as possible!

RPG elements that allow you to grow by defeating enemies, and racing elements that help you reach the goal. These two elements are combined into a new genre of dungeon racing game!

Kill as many as you can quickly and aim for a high score!


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敵を倒すと成長するRPG要素といちゴールを目指すレース要素 この2つを合体させた新たなジャンル『ダンジョンレーシング』



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