The Kamikaze (smooth criminal): Episode 1 – now available for free

I am very excited to release the 1. Episode of “The Kamikaze” in both languages:

  • English 
  • and French. 

Play the 1. Episode of “The Kamikaze” here:

The Kamikaze – Synopsis
Play The Kamikaze

You are the Star of the smallest City-State in the world after the Vatican. You are preparing for the 1996 Atlanta olympic games.  The night you want to ask your long time girlfriend to marry you, she wants to leave the country for good. The same night, the most wanted criminal is robbing the bank where your girlfriend’s dad is working. This night will forever change your lives and the city, exposing hidden secrets.

Episode 1 now available

This Episode is more poetic. It is like the sun before the rain. 
You play this Episode from the Point Of View of your girlfriend.

Play the Kamikaze

Enjoy it and let me know :

Thanks and take care!

Prince El Fresh


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