Minifantasy – Towns (asset pack 8×8 tileset)

Minifantasy – Towns is a charming top-down view 8×8 tileset! Perfect for RPG and fantasy-themed games. Your heroes need a place to rest and get new quests, right?

Minifantasy celebrate the beginning of summer releasing the largest pack to date in the collection! 

It includes all you need (and more!) to build villages and towns.  Over 330 tiles + over 100 props and furniture sprites. Create both indoor and outdoor town or village locations with this unique asset pack.

What this asset pack includes?

336 tiles:

  • 92 House facade tiles
  • 46 Roof Tiles
  • 94 Indoor tiles
  • 7 Wooden structure tiles
  • 13 Grass to Dirt tiles
  • 17 Cobblestone pavement tiles
  • 25 Sidewalk tiles
  • 11 Fence tiles
  • 9 Trunks pile tiles
  • 22 Counter/Bar tiles

108 props and furniture items:

  • Tables
  • Shelves
  • beds
  • Signs
  • Wall decoration
  • Forge set
  • and more!


  • Animated Hen and chick!


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