Undertake a journey of reminiscence and denial, in the unfettered pursuit of closure and absolution from the darkest times of your life. 
Face your memories head on, and transform your pain into suffering. 
Remember how to forget, and heal your wounds forever.

Leaving Is Remaining is an escape-the-room horror game.

Inspired by E. A. Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, this game will let you explore the claustrophobic meanders of an everchanging environment made of madness and despair.
In order to leave the room, you will first need to remember why you’re inside it.

Your only tools are your memories.
And as inventory, all you have is your brain.

When in doubt, check the HELP screen: it’ll provide useful instructions and hints to ease your way out of the room.

WARNING This game contains disturbing imagery, unsettling sound effects, and a mild jumpscare.
Though all these contents are essential to the story, player discretion is nevertheless advised.