Hank’s Voyage: A 16 bit inspired platform with stealth elements.

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Short description

Hank’s Voyage is a 2D action/adventure platformer set in Egypt in the 50s. Join Hank and his friends on an adventure to rescue your friend and uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt!

Game features

  • Experience a fresh take on a 16-bit styled platformer game with a whimsical comic-book style.
  • Your hat is your best ally. Use it to attack, collect, distract, and interact with various objects.
  • Solve different kinds of puzzles. Many times there is more than one way.
  • Use the enemies to your advantage. They can be of great help if you know how to use them.
  • Try to be silent and hide from your enemies when necessary.
  • Observe the environment. There are a lot of secrets waiting to be discovered.
  • The humorous, tongue-in-cheek story revolves around a jazz star singer Hank, who also works as a secret agent.


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