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Genre: Turn-Based RPG

Platform: Windows [Mac version coming soon!]

Description: View From Below is a story-driven, turn-based RPG. You play as a struggling high school student who is captured by a mysterious presence, and taken to a scary new world. You’ll fight demons, solve puzzles, and unravel several dark mysteries, on your quest to escape it.

Escape a nightmare world, to save your own.


  • A turn-based battle system with a fun twist! EVADE enemy attacks by leaning left and right! There are dozens of attack patterns to master – you’ll have to dodge swords, lasers, spikes, and more!
  • Several large scale, intense boss fights.
  • Dark lore and back-story, revealed only by exploring the world and putting the pieces together yourself…
  • An emotional story sure to make you cry and laugh!
  • A quirky cast of characters! Most of them want to absolutely murder you! But one or two are kinda chill!
  • Multiple endings! (Includes a “true ending” you’ll achieve if you complete the secret side quests, and defeat the secret boss!