Release of Plasma Vs Plasma!

Hello world!

Our company TucupitasCC has just seen the light and we have already published our first game: Plasma Vs Plasma!

On the game, each player takes control of a Pyromancer, dueling against eachother in a lethal fire combat!

With the help of the Plasmic Guns, the Pyromancers can set the ground on fire, using their powers they can shoot this plasma bullets towards their counterpart, changing their speed between slow and fast they can build their own bullet hell.

Make strategies to take down your oponent and use your reflexes to dodge their attacks, the winer gets the glory, the loser gets roasted.

Download and Play it now on

Support us so we can continue the development of a singleplayer/multiplayer campaign for the game, 2 pyromancers shooting fire side by side on a co-op bullet hell!

If you find the hidden message send us a screen capture and recieve special updates about our upcoming projects!


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