Hi everybody, I’m Sedgwick2K!

I’m a member of Game Maker Community, I myself made lots of demos that I’ve forgot over 8 (or 9) years. I study Computer Science in college, I’m just newly completed my freshman year.

I can tell that LabRat is my first project that made that far. It is a first person labyrinth game, though those labyrinths are not generated with A* pathfinding system (honestly I still don’t know what it is šŸ˜€ ), so I made all those mazes on my own.  This game has two early releases in GMC, so this version is Early Release 3. Here is what it contains:

  • 9 progressively larger and more confusing mazes
  • Movement with WASD and look around with mouse
  • Ability to toggle graphics and widescreen with F1 and F2 buttons.

Here is a screenshot from in-game playing (in high graphic widescreen mode):

And here is the link to project page:


Have fun while playing! I’ll be happy to recieve some feedback!

Source: itch.io

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