Presenting my game “Bots Are Stupid”, an ultra-precise grappling-hook Platformer, in which you control robots by writing simple commands:

Haven’t posted here yet but announced the game on reddit a couple months ago and got some really nice feedback. Now just found the time to give it a bit more love and finally push another update.

I started the project as an Assignment during my first year of University and really enjoyed working on it since then. Would love to put the game on steam at some point in the future.

It features 12 Levels, a Level Editor, an online Leaderboard, lots of particles and most importantly: an infinite supply of robots, which can be precisely controlled by writing easy to understand instructions. The grappling hook, speed boosters, conveyor belts and deadly spikes in combination with extremely accurate controls make a fast and challenging speedrunning game.

Successful scripts are uploaded to a global database and can be rewatched on the leaderboard. This results in a sense of competitiveness among players and incentivizes them to find optimal solutions for each Level, or at least try to beat the average scores. 

After the initial release 4 months ago, I really enjoyed watching all the scripts of other players. Awesome new tricks were discovered and all of my personal highscores were quickly broken. But now I’m very excited to see some new scripts after this update with new features and levels!

So check it out, it’s FREE:
Link: https://lelegolla.itch.io/bots-are-stupid

Feedback is highly appreciated btw! =)


Source: itch.io