Dread X Collection: A collection of 10 short horror games from devs like Airdorf, Scythe Dev Team, Lovely Hellplace, DuskDev, and more!

Hey all! The Dread X Collection is here! Quick rundown, the game is a collection of 10 short horror games, all created for the collection, in a jam-like format. Each developer had 7 days to create their own “playable teaser.” Aside from that, the launcher itself has it’s own meta story to piece together. Developers include Airdorf, Scythe Dev Team, Strange Scaffold, and other great indie talents. Also, all the devs were paid for their time upfront and receive equal split of the profits. On top of that, 2/7 of every purchase go to Doctors Without Borders. When we wrote the contract to get the game done, it was right after the Covid outbreak. We felt that whatever we we could contribute to worldwide health would be a good use of our platform.

Hope you all enjoy!


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