TurnBased_Race (Demo)

PLEASE you have to try my very first game project and give me your opinion about this:

This is the game where you need to try reach the finish line. ChoOse the color of the car and then come to the finish line by using the arrows.

 “Accelerate” arrow gives you acceleration from 1 point  to maximum  depending on size of the arrow. “Brake” arrow at the same time gives you deceleration from 1 point to maximum depending on size too.

“resetChoice” Button  gives you chance to change the arrow’s type.

After your turn plz push the button “NextTurn” for starting the next round  of the game.

If you’ve rammed into border map,you can loose car’s hp, so be careful. 

If you’ve lost all hp – GameOver.

My personal achievement is 14 rounds for 1 lap.


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