I spent the last two months on creating the game “Powershot”. 

What is Powershot about?

You play as a person, that needs to fight against evil monsters that their boss set up against you. At the end, you face the boss himself. Every round, lasts 30 seconds. Depending on what monsters you kill, you get a different score. After the time ran out, you can buy yourself new weapons and get powerups. Depending on your score, you fight in different worlds. With every world you get closer to the boss. But if you e.g. buy yourself a new stronger weapon, your score will drop and it might be, that you are send to lower worlds. So depending on your score, the world depends. Better weapons, or better worlds? It is completely up to you…

Trailer and Making of

Watch the Official Game Trailer here: 

Watch the making of here: 

Download on itch

The game is available for the following platforms:

  • Mac (32 bit)

  • Windows (32 & 64 bit)

  • Linux (64 bit)

Itch Page of Powershot: https://shiny-emerald-games.itch.io/powershot

Since it is my first game I am releasing, it would be nice to gather some feedback from you. Thanks

Source: itch.io