Beat The Drop – Free hypercasual Android game

Hello all! This is my second game of the year which started as a university project for a mobile games class. Beat The Drop hopefully sounds simple, and feedback suggested play-testers said they learnt the concept within seconds.

So what is this, and why should I care? I’m glad you asked! Beat The Drop is a hyper-casual puzzle mobile game where the player has to progress around a grid of floor tiles which get destroyed, one by one after moving away from that tile. Swipe your way around the board and clear all of the tiles in any order without getting trapped or dying.

Where can I play it?

  • If you got access to Google Play and Android, you’re in luck as that is the platform we have released this on! Download it for FREE on your Android-based tablet or mobile smartphone (you technically could emulate it too).
  • page here.

Why should I play it?

  • Any reason why you might play any type of mobile game! You might be sitting on the toilet during your long tiring work day, or you might want something fresh and easy to play. I also get a little bit excited if I see that one or two people try my game and enjoy this!

Wow, is there a video of this?

  • Lucky for you, I got a video extract available below from my YouTube.  Just like the game, this is free to examine.


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