Virus Sandbow is a free browser game about the Coronavirus.  A covideogame, if you want.

Link to the game:

You’re a mayor of a tiny town and you’re faced with a Covid-19 outbreak.  The virus spreads via the everyday actions of your citizens: Touching doors, handshakes, coughing, aerosols etc. Your goal is to take measures to slow the spread of the virus down: Educate citizens about hygiene measures and social distancing, distribute masks and hand sanitizers, lock down businesses and public places etc.  

You also have access to advanced options to observe the spread of the virus: See who is at which state of the sickness, consult a virus propagation tree, see the virus in the air, on hands, faces and surfaces etc. 

But you have limited resources (pasta, toilet paper and masks) and you don’t want your citizens to panic or to protest – or worse, to start looting and rioting. 

If everything goes wrong, you have still the option to call in the army…

Video trailer :