With Unity, artists and designers can reduce their reliance on programmers and technical artists to implement their ideas, and keep more creative control. To help you get started, we’re highlighting our Unite Now sessions for artists in one place.

Unity has a growing number of features that are artist and designer friendly – that don’t require programming knowledge to make something beautiful or fun. We want to empower anybody working on a game, even within a large team, to execute their artistic vision faithfully and in real-time. Whether you’re an artist that has never used Unity before or you want to dive deep to get the most out of Unity’s features, we want you to have the tools you need to make great content as easily as possible.

Explore Unite Now

Better Artist Workflows in Unity

Learn how to enhance artist workflows for a faster and more efficient production pipeline. See how easy it is to import your art from popular 3D content-creation tools, and discover several powerful artist- and designer-friendly features for updating your work directly in Unity.

Introducing Unity ArtEngine for AI-Assisted Artistry

Artomatix has joined the Unity family! In this session, Founder Eric Risser and Head of Product Ely Leow demonstrate powerful 3D material-creation workflows and quality-of-life enhancements made available through AI-assisted artistry. Watch to see what’s possible and what’s on the roadmap for Unity ArtEngine from Artomatix.

Create Landscapes and Terrains Faster

Creating landscapes for your interactive experiences can be difficult. Unity’s new Terrain Tools help make that process a lot easier. This session showcases some of our latest tools like custom brushes for sculpting your terrain, material painting, and even terrain holes.

Cinemachine: Powerful Camera Tools for Games and Film

Cinemachine is a suite of powerful camera modules useful in games and in film. Hear from advanced users who leverage Cinemachine in both forms discuss the future of the product.

Reusing and Retargeting Animations Between Rigs

A Unity Certified Instructor will take you through a series of mini-challenges to learn how to create reusable and scalable animations for characters.

VFX Graph: Building Visual Effects in the Spaceship Demo

Dive into the Spaceship Demo Project to see how the team created and integrated visual effects, lighting and sound into Timeline sequences. You’ll also learn some cool scripting techniques to make the effects react to gameplay.

Deep Dive with Post-Processing Color Grading

This tutorial takes you through a series of mini-challenges to add a style, mood, or effect of your choice using Color Grading.

Look out for these upcoming sessions

We’ve got more great sessions for artists and designers coming in the next few weeks. Bookmark this blog post: we’ll update this list as sessions are released.

Meshes Simplified – Going from 3ds Max to Unity

Do you work with meshes and 3ds Max? In this session, a Unity Certified Instructor guides you through a series of mini-challenges so you can learn how to retopologize a simple high-poly mesh.

Introduction to the Post-Processing Stack

Work with The Courtyard, a popular Unity demo, to learn how to add and customize post-processing effects such as Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Anti-Aliasing, and Vignette. You’ll be able to apply these techniques to any Unity project to enhance its look and feel.

Improve your Animation Workflow with Animation Rigging

Find out how the Animation Rigging package can improve animation in your project via better tools and more flexible workflows. Discover how to set up a character, and harness both runtime rigging and animation authoring in this practical demonstration aimed at riggers, animators, and cinematic designers.

Get up to Speed with Timeline

Learn how to use Timeline to create cinematic sequences in Unity. By controlling the animation, activation, and audio of multiple Mars rovers in Timeline, you’ll see how you can apply the concepts to GameObjects in your own Unity projects.

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Source: Unity Technologies Blog