Hello, Everyone!  😃
I’m happy to announce my first project, a short fangame parody visual novel.  Actually I’ve released about 10 days ago. But I decided to wait for few updates to share this here.

The game is a bit confusing because you (as the female MC) must search 4 different game worlds and find a way to get back to your real life because you were trapped by one of your new boy fan that very obsessed with you.
And from that different game worlds, you will also face a different gameplays (puzzles, qte, quiz, rpg) without leaving the basic visual novel’s elements with multiple choices and routes. Don’t be worry too much, the game have an autosave feature.

I hope you can enjoy! Please check it out here if you prefer. I’m really looking forward to your helpful feedback! 😃

Best Regards,
(a lonely developer)

Source: itch.io