New EscapeTower release!

Hello guys! Riccardo from Breda University of Applied Sciences here!

After a few months from our initial release, and after publishing our first two scientific papers thanks to YOUR help, we’ve done a step forward and released a mouse-and-keyboard version for our research game “EscapeTower”!  As already said in our previous post, we’ve been working on a small puzzle game to analyse and study players’ behaviour in certain environments, but we can’t say too much without spoiling you anything!

The game is a legit one and hopefully you can have a lot fun with it, but it is also there to help us understand how players behave and hopefully make game design better! We can’t say much about what we’re exactly studying without influencing your experience, but if you’re interested you can get in touch with me after a playthrough!

If you want to help us, make sure to check our game page and download the keyboard version:

Have fun, and keep creating!


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